New BuildProgress of the regeneration of the Aylesbury

Development So Far – updated March 2018

The first part of the regeneration (Phase 1a), has been developed by L&Q. These blocks are off Albany Rd and include Arments Court, Roffos Court, Hitard Court and the homes along John Crane St. L&Q also built on Site 7, now known as Harvard Gardens and is situated on the Junction of Thurlow St and East St.

In April 2014 Notting Hill Housing Trust were appointed to develop the rest of the estate. The project is expected to last for 15-20 years. Details of their phasing and master-plan for the whole estate can be seen at Aylesbury Now.

Phase 1a – Arments, Hitard, Totters & Roffos Court on Westmoreland Rd
Now complete and occupied by some Aylesbury residents who mainly moved from Bradenham, Arklow, Chiltern and Chartridge. The site was built by L&Q.

Phase 1b and 1c – Bradenham, Arklow, Chiltern and Chartridge & Ellison House

All tenants have now moved, and 3 Leaseholders remain. The CPO hearing started in January 2018 & will continue from 17th April 2018.  Documents relating to the CPO can be found here

Notting Hill Housing Trust’s planning application for new homes where Bradenham, Arklow, Chiltern and Chartridge has been approved and can be found by clicking here.

Ellison house is due to be relocated to the Old Kent Rd end of Albany Rd.

Leaseholders should be liaising with surveyors for valuations. The Council have employed external surveyors, Carter Jonas, to value properties and negotiate on the Council’s behalf. To organise a valuation appointment and/or for further details, please contact Simon Chambers in the Council Regeneration team. Contact details: or and 0207 525 7495.

You are recommended to also get your own Surveyor. The council refund reasonable expenses for you to find a RICS registered surveyor.

In addition, the Faraday Ward Councillors are working with resident leaseholders and are available via email, they are:

Resident Leaseholders can also register an interest with Notting Hill Housing for some SHARED EQUITY properties that are due for completion early in 2015. If you are resident leaseholder you can contact them at their office on Taplow, The old pharmacy, above the Health centre.

Information about their support for resident leaseholders can be found in these documents

Document Low Cost Home Ownership

Document Shared Ownership

Phase 2 – active from 2014
The next phase for development includes Wendover, Padbury, Ravenstone, Winslow, Foxcote & the remaining Wolverton Blocks.

These blocks are ACTIVE. All tenants have to register with the housing team and be issued bidding numbers to enable them to bid online for properties based on the assessed need. Available properties are advertised in the Homesearch online magazine which is updated weekly [click here to read Homesearch] and leaseholders will begin their negotiations with the council surveyors. Initial valuations for leaseholders are expected to be issued in early 2015.

Half the secure tenants have moved. If you are a secure tenant who needs help or advice you can call us on 0207703 8923

Phase 3 – Taplow, Northchurch, 184 – 218 East St

There was a consultation with residents in late 2017 to help decide the activation date of the blocks. The majority of residents who completed the questionnaire asked for early activation and for the chance to start bidding on a new home.  As there are a number of local social rented homes due for completion in 2018 the council have now started registering secure tenants who will be issued a bidding number soon. There are lots of new homes in the local area ready for completion soon, so residents will have the opportunity to bid for them.  Tenants will have the choice of where to live for longer.  Leaseholders will be contacted soon and the process of valuing their property will start.

Phase 4 – Missenden, Michael Faraday, Gayhurst, Gaitskell, Latimer, Calverton, Danesfield and Emberton blocks, Chadwell House, Lees House, Soane House, Dorwell House and 51-67 Inville Road.

Demolition of the existing blocks is programmed to start in 2023 and over 1500 new homes will be built over the next nine years. There is currently a condition report being undertaken of the site to decide which blocks will be activated for demolition first.

Wolverton 1-59 (Site 7) 148 new homes have been completed Details of this development by L&Q can be found by clicking here.

Plot 18 (formerly Site 10) – Little Missenden, Tykes Corner, Creation Trust offices, 3 Cross church, Aylesbury MUGA

This site is now cleared. There will be a new GP’s, health centre, early years centre, library, some retail and 100 homes due for completion in 2021. Northchurch 59-76 will be affected by this work so these homes are active. The Creation Trust office has been relocated to 1 Beaconsfield rd just behind Michael Faraday School.

Early Buy Backs

The Council approved 35 out of phase buy backs in June 2013, the deadline for applications was the 20th of June 2013. Over 30 people sold their property back to the council under this scheme in 2013-14. The scheme is currently closed, however, we highly recommend that if you are a Phase 3 or Phase 4 leaseholder and wish to sell your property you contact the council as they are interested in buying all properties back.

You can do this through the regeneration team or home ownership team. Contacts are: