Professional Advice

SurveyorsWhen you are selling your home back to the Council you will need to appoint professionals to help you.

The Trust has put together the following list of SURVEYORS and SOLICITORS that are aware of the Aylesbury estate and are happy to work for the capped fees that the Council has agreed to meet.

LIST OF SURVEYORS  – When appointing a solicitor or surveyor, please ensure you know the terms and costs of their services.   If you end up having a complicated case you must be kept informed of any changes to their fees and ensure that costs can be covered or you will be personally liable to pay these from any settlement.

Mervyn Warren at Stanley Hicks –  020 7248 0241

Peter Barry – 020 3642 3970

Stones Survey – 020 7100 7087

Kinleigh Folkhard and Hayward – 0800 3288898

The fee should be no more than £1300 assuming the valuation and negotiation is straightforward.

Click here for more information about Surveyors at the website for Registered Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

CABCitizens Advice Bureau – The Citizens Advice Bureau is a national independent advice service. They have a leaseholder specialist service that is free for Southwark residents and can be accessed through The Creation Trust offices.

For more information call – 020 7703 8923

Solicitors – When you are ready to sell you will need a solicitor.

These firms are independent of Creation Trust and the Council.  They have not paid a fee or commission to be included on this list – they have been made aware of the terms of the scheme and are keen to act for residents.

TWM Solicitors LLP
Click here to visit their website
Contact: Jonathan Potter, Partner
Address:TWM Solicitors LLP, Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square – W1J 6BD
Tel: 020 8946 6454