Other Options

house keysSelling privately can be as low-tech as simply putting a sign up in your window, or getting a proper ‘For Sale’ sign to stick in the front garden. You don’t want to exclude buyers who don’t have access to the internet! Putting a notice in several local newsagents’ windows or on a notice board in the supermarket is also a proven approach. You could also drop flyers locally, although this is more costly in both time and money. Remember if you are selling privately you will have to let people you do not know into your home. Please ensure you are safe.

Property Developers

There are currently developers cold calling leaseholders on the estate offering to buy your property directly.  Some will offer to buy your home and allow you to stay as tenants in the property. They in effect become your private landlord. We would recommend that you speak with your family and check financial implications of this as private landlords can put up your rent and ask you to leave at short notice. If you are a private tenant you will not be eligible to be re-homed easily by the Council.