Estate Agents: Checklist

Estate Agent 2If you are considering using an Estate Agent to help you sell your home,
here are a few things to bear in mind:

Check the agents reputation
Ask around, check blogs and see what they have for sale on their websites or in their shop windows. Make sure they are presenting a good image to attract the right buyer for you.

Check the fees
These range from 3-5% of the sale value of your property and is usually only payable on completion of a sale. You will be able to negotiate a lower rate if you are offering an estate agent the exclusive rights of selling your flat. If you ask more than one agent to act on your behalf their fee will be higher as they will have to work harder to secure your sale.

Check the get out clause
Find out when you can part ways with your agent before you sign the contract

Be proactive with helping the agent with your property details
Make sure the details of your property make it attractive to potential buyers – you might want to include things like, location to transport links and excellent local schools and park views.

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